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I really think people should see this

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The only thing more enjoyable than the embarrassment of others is the thrill of interactive web features. Vote to decide which is the most embarrassing picture.

The official voting period ends Tuesday March 18, 2014 at 12:00AM so get your votes in now.

One of the photos is from GISHWHES you assholes, it’s a scavenger hunt for charity.

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The Very Hungry Rust Monster is a mini-comic I made a few years back. I’ve seen it floating around Tumblr without attribution recently, so I’ve uploaded a higher-resolution version, properly credited.

Dungeon Grind by Steve Dismukes [website | tumblr | twitter | facebook]

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Desert Pirates by Sergi Brosa

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K, so I have a friend at work who really does like spn, and her boyfriend likes it okay, and they have been slowly watching through it together.

She is, probably, the definition of a casual fan. She didn’t know ‘slash,’ as in ‘sam slash dean’ as referenced in Monster at the End of This Book, was a real thing until talk about that part of the episode came up and I told her it wasn’t made up for that episode but actually a reference to something fans were known to do. She thought The French Mistake was really funny, but was confused about the ‘at least they are talking’ running gag and asked me in genuine concern if in RL the two actors who played Sam and Dean (she didn’t, at least then, remember their names were Jensen and Jared) were known to dislike each other or something.

So it’s been fun talking to her about the show on and off. 

She and her boyfriend recently finished S07 (and I actually have stuff to say about her opinion on The Born-Again Identity, but that’s for another time), so I offered, with barely contained excitement, to lend her S08.

Now, I fucked up some, because I oversold it, basically. I gleefully told her that I considered it perhaps my favourite season of the show and I really wanted her to watch because I’d love to know her opinion (although when I gave the boxset over I did at least mention that I was probably overselling it - so if it turned out she didn’t like it then she knew that was okay!).

She had, and perhaps still has, big issues immediately with Sam’s storyline and thinks it doesn’t make sense that Sam wouldn’t look for Dean when Sam, as she sees it, “knew Dean wasn’t dead.” When I asked her to elaborate on that, on how Sam should have known Dean wasn’t death, she said it was because Sam didn’t see Dean and Cas die at the end of S07, he saw them disappear, and that supernatural disappearance, in her opinion, should surely have been enough of an indication to Sam that they were still alive somewhere, considering Sam’s life has been full of such supernatural happenings.

Fair enough, I had those same problems. The last we talked about that she said she was assuming that it would be explained why Sam didn’t look for Dean later on in the season… I should probably ask if she has decided whether that makes sense or not yet… 

Anyway, she JUST THIS WEEK got up to Goodbye Stranger


Her reaction was… not what I might have hoped (esp. considering all the talk at the end of S08 about how ‘oh oh EVEN CASUAL VIEWERS are seeing ~something between Dean and Cas now!’)

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What's your favorite card, art wise and game wise?



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this is why I fucking love American Horror Story

they’re like yeah we could have a love triangle with angst and confusion like EVERYTHING ELSE EVER